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Tacoma has a LOT of rentals in the Downtown Area. Some are rental buildings and others are private owners of condos renting out their places. If you’re relocating to Tacoma from a big city like San Fransisco or New York, you might be wondering why the real estate agents aren’t helping you find a rental. For the most part in Tacoma we don’t have a system where real estate agents represent renters for a fee, so you’re kind of on your own, which is LAME.

I created this page to make it a little easier to to find different kinds of cool rentals in Downtown Tacoma and the surrounding neighborhoods, but honestly, it’s still the wild west out there. Hopefully this makes your journey towards finding a cool rental a little bit easier!

First, The Tools:

Craigslist – This one is obvious, but there will likely be a ton of frogs to kiss in there before you find anything princely to rent.

PadMapper- My personal favorite way to look for rentals when my friends are looking. Let’s you sort your rentals by their location on a Map, so if you’re try to be close to (or avoid!) certain streets or neighborhoods it is super easy to do that.

Trulia– Easy to use with lots of filters, but not as many listings as Craigslist for Downtown Tacoma Rentals.

Property Management websites:

Downtown Tacoma Lofts

A lot of people want to have the loft experience when they rent, and Tacoma is the perfect place for that. There are several buildings that are loft rentals and some of the condo loft owners list their places for rent also.  In Tacoma, EVERYONE uses craigslist, so always check there first. But here are the loft buildings with “official” rentals in Downtown Tacoma:

Newish in Downtown Tacoma

If you’re looking for something pretty nice, with secure parking and new windows that was built fairly recently- there are a number of places to choose from:

Downtown Tacoma (Near UWT)

Thea’s Landing

Court 17


Older Buildings in Tacoma For Rent

Tacoma was founded in the 1870’s, so there’s no shortage of 100 year old buildings with apartments to rent. That said, the smells, decor, and amount of lead pipe in these bad boys varies wildly from Fancy Old and Restored to just… OLD. Some of my favorites are below:

Williams Properties – These guys are OG Tacoma property managers and have beautiful buildings that they own and rent out. I have had a bunch of clients that were renters in these buildings say positive things. They are in the top end price wise and have a lot of properties for rent in Tacoma’s Stadium District.

Miller Apartments– Nice big units with hardwood floors and close to Wright Park. Also The Hub, The Harmon Tap Room, Doyle’s Public House, and the Stadium Thriftway Grocery Store.


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Tacoma Neighborhood Guide

Tacoma Neighborhood Guide

Check out this great clickable map of Tacoma Neighborhoods!

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