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  • What I Like Least: There is definitely more competition for the homes in this area. Sometimes it seems a little crazy, but basically if you add that prized “N” to an address and cross over 6th Ave., it’s suddenly more expensive. In the end though, it doesn’t matter because it’s a wonderful area and lots of people want to live here!

Living in North End

tacomas north endWhat can I say, there’s a lot to love in the North End! The North End is home to lots of well-maintained parks, convenient sidewalks and beautifully tree-lined streets… it can be quite picturesque no matter the season. There’s also a strong sense of community identity, and lots of local businesses; living here is convenient and yet not overwhelming.

Favorite Community Events

  • Each year during the Pierce County Daffodil Festival, there’s a children’s Junior Daffodil Parade in Proctor, which gives the little ones a low-key way to participate in the fun.

  • From March to December, Proctor is home to the wonderful and lively Proctor Farmers’ Market every Saturday from 9am to 2pm.


Enjoying Local Flavor

  • Restaurants: One of my favorite restaurants, Europa Bistro, is located right in the historic Proctor District. With a real Italian chef and a tantalizing menu, this spot is a true Tacoma gem. Rosewood Cafe is another favorite spot— they have a delicious menu of sandwiches, soups, salads and more and an eclectic selection of wine.

  • Coffee Shops: Cafe Brosseau is a lovely locally-owned coffee shop that offers the locally-roasted Madrona coffee, pastries from the local Corina Bakery as well as soups and sandwiches.

  • Grocery Shopping: Metropolitan Market has everything that is delicious and wonderful. Sure, it’s expensive, but let’s face it— it’s the fanciest store in all of Tacoma! If there’s anything you can’t find at any other supermarket, you can be sure that the Met will have it. They also have an espresso bar and a gourmet selection of deli foods (and cheese samples!).

  • Gas Station: And lastly, I absolutely have to mention the Shell Service Station on N 26th & Stevens! This is not your average gas station— this lovely establishment is full service! Do we even know what a full service gas station is anymore?! Well, let me tell you: for an extra 10 cents/ gallon they wash your windows, check your fluids, put air in your tires and fill your tank! (This is so exciting that I even wrote a review of them on Yelp.)



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Tacoma Neighborhood Guide

Tacoma Neighborhood Guide

Check out this great clickable map of Tacoma Neighborhoods!

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