Central Tacoma

Central Tacoma is a neighborhood that people seem to forget about.  It doesn’t help that not everyone agrees on the boarders! This could be because it is a little hard to define. The Central Neighborhood Council represents Central Tacoma, but also Hilltop and Hillside/McCarver which are closer to Downtown Tacoma and have a totally different flavor- so their map isn’t very useful or our purposes.

I would say the neighborhood is between 6th Ave (to the north) and Highway 16 (to the south). The east/west boundaries could probably be a bit more fluid but they’re roughly Sprague Avenue to the east and Orchard to the west.

This proximity to the North End and 6th Avenue, as well as the attractive prices mean that the secret of Central Tacoma is starting to get out.  Historic homes on quiet tree lined streets can be found for tens of thousands less than similar homes on the North Tacoma side of 6th Avenue, and this has meant that there has been a pretty steady demand for homes in Central Tacoma.


Let’s Get Real, Tacoma

  • What I Like Best: This area offers the same historic charm of the North End at a much more affordable price! Also, Central Tacoma is home to a certain favorite Tacoma city councilman, Ryan Mello!

  • What I Like Least: There aren’t as many businesses in this area, but luckily, the sense of neighborhood identity is growing and I expect good things here in the near future.


Living in Central Tacoma

As the name suggests, Central Tacoma has the benefit of being smack dab in the middle of the city. This means easy access to freeways, the waterfront and everything else. This area is also convenient in that it’s so close to the 6th Ave. business district.

Enjoying Local Flavor

  • Restaurants: Mandolin Sushi & Steak House is a treat not to be missed if you’re in the area! They cook your food right in front of you for an entertaining evening of fun and delicious surf ‘n’ turf. They have an eclectic menu with great prices.

  • Coffee Shops: Can’t sleep? Head over to Bertolino Bros. Coffee Bar, the only 24-hour coffee shop in Tacoma.

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