A Real Estate Intervention for the Sellers of Tacoma

Sellers of Tacoma, sit down. We’re all gathered here in love and support to talk to you about your little problem. It’s about the terrible pictures on your real estate listing. Sure, it’s a bit of a sellers market in Tacoma right now- especially North Tacoma. If you’re priced reasonably well your house will sell eventually in a market like this. But that’s not good enough for us.

That said, if your house is messy, cluttered, dirty, and most importantly POORLY PHOTOGRAPHED it’s going to look terrible on the internet. Since people find your house by looking at pictures of it on the internet (on laptops! on phones!) bad pictures mean fewer buyers looking at your house which means less money in your pocket. This is a tragedy.

Need help getting your house ready to sell? I’ve got your back. Contact me.

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Tacoma Neighborhood Guide

Tacoma Neighborhood Guide

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